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7 Days to a Flatter Tummy

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When I go to a Mexican restaurant, I always tell myself beforehand that I will NOT consume the entire basket of chips. No matter how delicious and salty they may be, I will eat 5 and be done. Unfortunately my resolve melts as soon as the basket is on the table and I can smell that fresh pico de gallo. That being said, I decided to form a plan to eliminate the gallons of water my body stores after one of these episodes. Luckily I am not the only one who retains water like a dry sponge. This “special water” concoction is supposed to flush out the excess water while being gentle on the kidneys. Its actually a Jillian Michaels creation I found on Pinterest and tastes pretty refreshing on a hot day! You don’t have to buy a bunch of fancy ingredients. You drink it for 7 days along with additional water if needed. Sodas are pretty much a no no during the 7 days because it would just counteract all your efforts. I would drink this whether or not it helped beat the bloat so basically its a win win deal!

7 Day Cleanse Drink adapted from Jillian Michaels

Drink each day for 7 days straight and watch that tummy flatten out!

60 ounces filtered water

2 Tbsp. Lemon Juice

1 Tbsp. no sugar added cranberry juice

1 Dandelion Root Tea Bag*

Combine all ingredients together and drink throughout the day. I like to make it before bed and let it sit in my fridge overnight.

*Note: Dandelion Root Tea can be found in most health food stores. Look for teas labeled “detox” or “kidney cleanse”.


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