Where fitness and french fries find a healthy balance.

New Beginnings

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Well hello there! Today is the day I finally bring my passion for food AND fitness to the blog world. I am currently in my last semester of college and am about to embark into the scary world of public accounting. The past four years have driven me to many extremes. At first, my life was the gym and Jillian Michaels was my imaginary friend. Then stress and my sweet tooth helped me discover a passion for baking. Too much of both at the same time gives me a sugar headache coupled with sore quads; so each day I focus on creating that happy medium. I love the feeling I get after finishing a tough workout with a hot shower and shimmer body lotion. I also love the feeling of that first bite of something amazing I have just created in my tiny kitchen. I’m soooo done with deprivation, denied cravings, and spending hours in the gym. Because being healthy isn’t about being able to visually count all of the tiny muscles in my abs, its about looking in the mirror and saying “Wow I feel great and today is going to be awesome.”


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